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There was once a raven in the forest, I was very happy because I did not have many wishes. He was happy with his life, but once he saw a swan in the jungle, he began to think about the beauty of this creature, a creature he had never seen before! If clean and white. It is very white and beautiful in this forest, so he will be very happy.

Kova went to Hans and asked him: Brother, you are so beautiful, will you be so happy?

Hans answered: Yes, before I was very happy, until I saw the parrot. Since I saw it, the parrot seems to be the most beautiful creature in the world. The body of the two has the same color, but the parrot has two colors on the body, the red circle of the neck and the eye were green, in truth it was very beautiful.

Now, Crowe thought that Hans called the most beautiful parrot, so he had to see it.

Raven went to the parrot and asked: Brother, are you happy to have two or two colors?


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Parrot said yes, he was happy until he saw Peacock. I only have two colors, but the body of the peacock has many colors.

Now, thought Crow, who’s happiest, I’ll know. Now he must meet Peacock. Kaue found the peacock in the forest, but he found no peacocks in the forest. He found the peacock and came to the zoo. So many people have come to see the peacock and there are many people around.
After the crows left everyone, Peacock asked, “Brother, you are the most beautiful and colorful creature in the world, people have been photographed with you, do you want to be very good and be the most happy world?

In this peacock, he says sadly, what difference does it make when the brother is handsome? I keep people in this zoo, but I do not keep you captive in a zoo and you can move freely where you want. Therefore, you must be the happiest and happiest creature in the world because you are free. The raven was surprised because the importance of his life was shown to another person.
Friends, we are doing the same thing. We compare our happiness and our qualities with others, with those whose living conditions are different from us. There are many things in our lives that we only have, but we are not happy to understand their meaning. But the lack of luck of others makes us look beautiful while ignoring our great luck.

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